Getting Into the Game with DNA

Get this, guys… Memorabilia authenticity has started to delve into the realm of DNA.

First of all, you would think that historians would have this down. There are so many sports items. Of course, the business is lucrative.

Moreover,I have found that it is difficult to pinpoint the start of the sports memorabilia craze. I did find something on PBS. History Detectives Special Investigations did a short bit on Baseball Memorabilia.

In addition, a lot of the video they provide included facts I already knew. For example, one good collectible can fetch millions of dollars. Take Mark McGuire’s record-breaking 70th home run ball. The ball sold for $3 million in 1999.

I also knew the whole part about authenticity. That’s the problem holograms and certificates hope to alleviate.

The PBS video clip and corresponding text made it seem a bit invasive.

I could imagine a cotton swab from the actual players or celebrities. Kind of like a scene you would see on Law & Order. At first, I was confused.

In actuality, DNA in the sports memorabilia world is actually a phrase more commonly associated with PSA. That stands for Professional Sports Authenticator. They have to be doing something right.

In a noble effort to once and for all create a foolproof authentication method, the company developed and started using a technology they call “PSA/DNA.”  This would mark a collectible item with a DNA liquid that cannot be copied. Replicating the sequence gives the faker an odd of 1 to 33 trillion of getting it right. Yes, that’s right, the company has their own unique strand of DNA.That’s according to their site.

This technology has been working according to PSA. We all know that everything on the internet is true. PSA states that they’ve used their “PSA/DNA” markings to authenticate many different items.

I guess the best I could say about them is that they’re kind of like the CarFax for Sports Authenticity. Instead of measuring miles, they’re measuring synthetic spit.

With that said, CSD Framing only sells items from reputable dealers or signings. These are directly associated with our contracts. Trust me, you don’t have to doubt the authenticity of our items. I’ve heard the stories of players who refuse to sign footballs.

In addition, Pro Players will even drop by the office to fulfill their own orders with us. A lot of them are from CSD Partnership Teams. As a matter of fact, we have a piece in queue from a Texas Rangers player.

As a matter of fact, it’s become a game around the office. Guess the player!

Just kidding, we take our jobs very seriously, but it’s definitely a fun atmosphere.13290-11N1B00A-Z027-S12

PBS Video Link:

PSA/DNA Authenticity Link:

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