Framing Jerseys and What Goes Into the Process

Jersey framing doesn’t have to be difficult. I know a lot of people try these things at home, and more power to those brave souls, but if you want to have a keepsake for life, I would highly suggest going to a professional—someone who has been framing jerseys for real, live customers with real, live budgets and requirements. The reason? Framing jerseys is a process.

In addition, it requires much more precise material scouting and timing than you may expect. Read the fine print when it comes to what you are getting for your dollar.

At CSD, we don’t just put jerseys in frames—we turn that jersey into a piece of art. CSD_landingpage_customframing_mem

The fact that we produce our jersey framing pieces in-house, even down to sewing the jersey in place and cutting the wood moulding ourselves in shop (for real, y’all) should go to show that we’ve made trials and errors in the past. That’s the only way to reach perfection with anything. That’s why sports stars come to us to frame their jerseys. No matter how many videos you watch on youtube about framing jerseys, or books you read on sport memorabilia framing, you’re not going to get it perfect the first time—unless you’ve done it literally thousands of times and worked out those kinks.

Take a look at our website and make sure to check out our jersey framing packages!

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