Types of Wood Used in Photo Framing

There are a variety of different photo frame wood types used in the production of the frame moulding. Today, I’ll focus on two that are popularly known.

A huge standalone in the framing industry is mahogany. Research google terms and how popular mahogany is used in searches for pictures frames. It doesn’t take long to figure out that people really want their frames to be made out of mahogany.

Mahogany, a common soft hardwood according to Logan Graphic’s site, is one of the most widely used woods in the framing industry. ¬†That makes sense. True softwoods tend to scratch easily, ooze, and warp over time. In comparison, although hardwoods are obviously more durable, they are difficult to cut and are therefore harder to work with underneath a saw or in the usage of carved embellishments. Basically, the more you want to do with the wood, the tougher it’s going to be.

There are, however, still dense hardwoods used for framing. Take cherry, for example.

The simple yet effective grain patterns in cherry are a sight to behold. The reddish golden streaks of colors in the wood definitely lend to a luxurious statement.

When I think of cherry wood, I think poise and character. I imagine a secretary’s desk fit in a cottage house or a bookshelf fitted into a personal library.

Keep in mind that these are just two examples of the kinds of wood being used in the framing industry. That list is fairly large, and grows by the month and certainly year. Perhaps because of desire, ease of shipping and affordable cost margins, the industry has started venturing into once unknown territories, using woods from ‘faraway lands’ like China, for example.

Photo frame wood now comes from all around the world and is much more easily accessible. I say the more, the merrier. There is always room for a bit of experimentation in an era where the norm seems to overcloud our lives.

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