Baby Frames and Baby Shadow box Ideas

One of the first things my boss said to me when I came in for an interview was that our team was like a family. Over the months, I have certainly learned that that is a very true statement! This blog highlights some of the work we have done to highlight the newest of family members. Here are some baby frames and baby shadow box ideas. Enjoy!

This shadowbox collage features cute infant onesies. I’m pretty sure if you don’t think this is cute you don’t think fluffy bunnies are cute either and that’s a mortal sin.

The picture in the middle is both hilarious and adorable at the same time. Surrounded by other photos of this little sweetie, you can hang something like this up at work so you don’t forget who’s really in charge!

This collage is more vertical oriented, but still just as awesome. The cutout texture really makes this piece, along with the pop of cobalt blue in the background. Plus, who could deny that face?!

Contact CSD if you are wanting to have a baby shadow box or baby photo frame custom made! Our quotes are always free.