Beautiful Framed Art, Framed by CSD

Often, when I look into our photo archives, it is for a specific purpose. And, more than once, I have become entranced with the work that I find there. This post is dedicated to the artists who allowed CSD to frame their masterpieces. I’ll point out some of my favorite works that we’ve framed, and, I think, it will be easy to see why. Beautiful Framed Art, brought to you by CSD Framing!

While the colors remind me more of corals embedded into the ocean reef, what is depicted is a group of small, vibrant, delicate flowers. Every color is alive.

Quite abstract yet colorful as well, this piece reminds me of several things at once, and I’m not sure which version I like best. Are they Wheat Thins? Lawn chairs? A deck of cards come to life? You get to decide. It doesn’t hurt that they’re executed with precision.

It’s such a quirky yet simplistic piece and reminds me of the illustrations in a children’s book. You can’t see the text, but that’s my favorite part. It reads: “I saw them standing there pretending to be just friends, when all the time in the world could not pry them apart.”

The detail that went into this cross-stitch is amazing to think about. I can barely sew a fish, yet blue, green, white and gold threads came together to make this impeccable piece. If you can make cross-stitch look like high-end art, you’ve got talent.

I’m not the biggest fan of nudity in art, but in this piece, the subject’s curves add a needed texture to the piece, and, honestly, I’m not even distracted as I’m too busy following the different lines and patterns. I think this piece shows how framing can really let a piece stand for itself.

I’m in love with this because it is daring and doesn’t follow the rules. While western images tend to give off a dusty, old vibe, this is anything but, and these boots make no apology for that fact.

Check back to see other pieces of framed art on this blog. I hope you enjoyed the art as much as I did!