The Business of Giving: Charitable Donations

Charitable donation is not a new concept. The act of giving to those in need has been recounted in tales like Robin Hood. Your mother urges you to share your toys.


I dare you to find one pro team that will not highlight a charitable act or donation in November or December.


Has endorsing a cause become overrated? Does dumping water on your head really raise awareness for a certain disease? Giving time or money to people that really need it is an amazing act of human kindness. It’s a good situation for everybody.  Businesses that give are seen as loving and forward-thinking.

Furthermore, those who are needy get a resource in return.



I’m going to play Devil’s Advocate. What’s the honor in giving charity donations selflessly if you know you will be receiving something in return? Moreover, did Robin Hood expect to make commission off of bow and arrow sales?

The charity angle is not new to marketing. See the links below:


A downfall of charitable marketing? The market has become so saturated with cries of “give here,” that its audience has become skeptical as to where those funds may really be going.


Moreover, who’s to say that a customer will not become offended at the mere thought of giving to a certain organization, if they do not support their cause?


Charities need to be very careful when it comes to choosing when, where and how to get relief for the cause they’re supporting. Businesses must be wary. In the “Information” age, one video or one sentence can damn an entire organization and tarnish their reputation.

Additionally, businesses suffer from bad press as well. Consumers have eyes like hawks. Emphasis on one cause detracts emphasis from another. That’s simple math. Businesses have been known to budget out a specific amount of money solely for the gift of giving. With the channels we have to our disposal for “Word of Mouth,” one cause can literally go viral on the web. That leaves others in the dust.

 However, I’m finished playing Devil’s Advocate. Businesses and charities can find ways to work together. I truly believe in that.


Support organizations that give back. Reward good with good. A professional sports league and its team has the time and money available to research any organization they may partner with.

Of course, do what you can to make your money fall into good hands.


Make an informed decision about charitable donations:


Lastly, keep in mind that CSD hosts Charity Auction Services for the Dallas/Fort Worth area. We work hard for charities. Call us today for your charity event!