CSD: Blending Sports and Art

I’m going to be honest. I didn’t start my job with a blazing passion for sports memorabilia or framing. However, as time has gone on, I’ve learned more about both of those industries, and as a marketer, you really can’t ask for a larger conundrum than somehow blending those two together to make great copy. To CSD sports and art are both necessities, and wrapping my head around that took work.

As I near my year mark at CSD, those sentiments still hold true. What I have learned is that while it’s hard to cater to such a peculiar demographic, it’s also beyond awesome. We are talking about getting to dive into the best of both worlds, if you think about it. First of all, with the definition of a sport including disc golf, motocross and water polo, there’s a sport out there for everyone to get into. This is reflected in video games nowadays. Think about the wii– you pick up that controller, and you’re suddenly a tennis player. That’s the best part about technology. Everybody is included.

For me, sports that rule are hockey and mixed martial arts (MMA). I love a good, clean fight, and I love the discipline that both of those sports command.

Regardless of what sports you love, there’s a raw, human energy that goes into using the best of your body’s capabilities and intertwining that with learned skills that have not only been thought over, but executed thousands of times over until it becomes instinct. Explaining my love for framing is a bit easier. I just love anything and everything dealing with art, as long as it’s goodart. My grandpa is an oil painter, my dad a photographer (both of which have been paid in these fields in the past), my sister a scholarship-winning graphic designer, my mother a carpenter, and my grandmother, a singer (also a scholarship winner, although she passed up college to marry my grandpa). Like my family, and like sports, I have my own natural instinct, which is writing. From decades and decades of making things, my family’s sport is art.

I suppose that’s where the connection comes in, along with my coworkers. Working at CSD, whether you’re cutting the moulding or balancing the checkbooks, requires energy and creativity.

When our website launches next week, I hope the site reflects just that. Moreover, I hope our patrons as well as people who have never heard of us get an idea of what we are all about.