CSD Framing: New Name


CSD Framing: New Name, Still Great Product.

CSD has been known by a couple of names over the years– Charity Sports Distributor and CSD Sports Framing and Memorabilia. We’ve got a new title, now, and we’re sticking with it. CSD Framing: New Name, still fantastic product.

While those names has served us well and represented our journey as a company, it’s about time we get down to brass tacks. I arrived at CSD last September, and one of my first missions as the Marketing Manager was figuring out what differentiated us from the competition. Sure, my coworkers could tell me all day long what made us who we are. Still, I had to involve myself more than that to be able to do my job efficiently. Without bashing our competitors, the simple fact was that nobody else in the framing industry, especially the sports memorabilia framing industry, created designs like we did with a frame. Keep in mind that by frame I mean moulding, matting, design– the works.


Therefore, we have made the decision to transition over to the name CSD Framing. It is the quality of craftsmanship and product we put into our frames that really and truly defines us. It’s going to take some time for our customers and the world wide web to catch up. Just know we’re here every step of the way. And yes, there is a method to the madness (but perhaps more madness than method– who’s to say?).