The Custom Guitar Display Case

I had no idea that guitars could be framed until I started working at CSD. For me, finding the photos of guitar framing and a guitar display case completely altered my perception of CSD. I knew that they were doing something rarely done these days– framing in house and using quality materials– but seeing those pictures of what goes into making a custom guitar display case took CSD to a whole other creative and utilitarian level for me.

So, in the effort to give the world that same experience, I’m writing a visual blog.


Check out the custom guitar display case.. Of course, these were all made by CSD.

I love the simplicity yet boldness that this piece conveys. The beige and black coloring gives it a classic feel, while the edges have a delicate beauty about them. Here, the guitar is displayed as a work of art to be admired. Little is taken away from that experience.

We ran this image on social media and received almost one hundred thousand impressions. By far, this is the best performing piece we have on the internet so far. That speaks volumes.
I think it shows that we’re not just your grandpa’s framer.  It also shows aesthetic subtlety in bringing all of the elements together.
The gorgeous wooden frame is accented by a cream suede. Inside, you can find frames within a frame of photos and a CD. The lettering inside of the piece on the sides and in the front is my favorite part.

I like this piece for its practicality. This frame secures and opens using piano hinges. While this technically isn’t a guitar, the same methods are used in securing the piece.
Instead of hanging it on the wall or placing it against a backdrop, it fits two purposes. The first is showing off its beauty and the second is using it whenever you want to play a tune.

I simply adore Elvis, and any signed piece from him is truly an amazing prize to show off. A custom guitar display case with Elvis’ photos? I’m spent. Adorned with pictures around the guitar, it even features sheet music which I think speak of the artist himself.

He was very much a music man, first and foremost. Have you seen videos of his performances?  In the beginning of his career, all songs were recorded on one take. Their technology wasn’t so great back then. That amazes me.

Visually, this piece just pops. The iconic image of the Rolling Stones’ tongue sticking out is amplified in both the brightness of the red and the size of the icon itself. The guitar and lips are then balanced by placing photos, album covers and a CD. And, of course, a commemorative aluminum engraved plate finishes it off.

You can definitely see the creativity that went into this Neil Young guitar framing. There are so many elements in the framing that it’s on the edge of overcrowded. The business is what I love about it, as it gives off a folksy, carefree vibe. The suede matting is cut out to hold a pair of tickets which I think is super cool.

Lastly, a tour flyer in the background calls to human nostalgia.

Last but not least, a a Pink Floyd signed and framed guitar. I love that the frame compliments the band and the guitar itself, not the other way around. The balance in imagery is peculiar but still perfect.

Just the mindset it took to put this piece together is definitely inspirational and reflective of Pink Floyd, a band known for using stream-of-consciousness.

If you’re interested in having CSD make you a custom guitar display case,call us. Don’t be shy. We don’t bite. Our number: 972-323-6345. Additionally, you may fill out our quote form.

I know the guy who handles it personally. He does an amazing job. Obvious from the photos, right?