Mini guitar shadow boxes

Today I was looking at images to use for the new CSD site and I somehow came across a folder of our work that I had never seen before featuring mini guitar shadow boxes.

And was it exciting! The photos presented before me were from various artists.

Here are a few of my favorites. Enjoy!

This collage gets me all shook up. The King, ladies and gentlemen. So clean, pristine and classy. You could hang this anywhere. The black and white, as mentioned, gives off an older 50’s vibe while the actual content of the piece actually conveys a roughness I really like, making this piece extraordinary.


Something about the maroon, gold and purple just looks fantastic against the black and white. Epitome of cool, right here. That poster is just so on point.
I adore the little faces drawn on the guitar, and this picture of Lennon in the moment, strumming away, is timeless. Even if you’re not the biggest Beatles fan, there’s bound to be at least one or two songs that make you smile when you hear them on the radio.
For only having three items, this shadowbox manages to tell the Beatles’ story in such a succinct way. And just look at that guitar. It definitely conveys the Beatles’ breezy, eclectic, anything-goes kind of style. And who doesn’t love color? In a world full of black and white, it’s nice to see such a rainbow of colors.