Picture Frame Market Report

I was reading through an article I found about the framing industry. Apparently, there have been surveys taken in the past that focus specifically on the general public’s overall demand for frames. Finding a picture frame market report can be a bit difficult. However, in this day and age, you can really find information on anything.

According to a survey of 1300+ people done by Unity Marketing, people have approximately 6.3 items waiting to be framed at any moment.

The number goes up to 6.6 items for people who have gotten something framed in the past. The really cool part? For those who had purchased a custom frame in the past, that number increased to 6.9. What are the implications of those numbers?

Firstly, the picture frame market report shows that humans value their memories. Now, with the digital technology available at our disposal, it’s become easier to capture these moments. More and more people are looking to preserve their past behind glass (or, in our case, plexi).

What else do those numbers in the picture frame market report show? On one hand, it could possibly show that framing is addictive. Once you realize you’re able to see your loved one’s smile on your desk at work for all 8 hours of the work day, it entices you to repeat that nostalgic feeling. Perhaps the people that are wanting these items to get framed are already enthusiasts for once reason or another. Perhaps they’re photographers and always have more items laying aroundthey want frames.

But, the whipped cream on top can be seen in the willingness of somebody to get an item custom framed again and again.

That is, once they finally take that jump for the first time.

I think that goes to show that custom framing is a worthy investment and, moreover, that customers appreciate a one of a kind item to display their one of a kind memory.

Got a memory to preserve?

Fill out our quote form. I see these quote forms personally, so I know that we go into detail with our quotes and try our best to create affordable pieces. A lot of times, our custom framing actually comes way below some of the popular chain stores which shall not be mentioned. But, as they say, the secret’s out now.