An Inside Look at the CSD Shop

CSD had a photo shoot recently to highlight our busy bees as well as what goes into the production of a frame, which means you all get to take an inside look at the CSD shop!

Getting the photos back from the CSD shop shoot was beyond exciting. Seeing CSD through the eyes of an artist photographer really made me step back and think about how much skill and dedication our guys have.When it comes to framing, getting it “right” isn’t just a matter of learning, but continual practice. Here are some of the highlights from that shoot.

This is a photo of a banner that’s being brushed to make sure it looks perfect in the frame. Notice the yellow tube in the background; it uses high pressured air to get into the little areas without damaging anything. Later on, this same banner was “touched up” with fire, giving the lettering a singed look for added coolness.

We cut all of our moulding in-shop. This is a picture of putting the actual frame together by hand right after it’s cut by our lathe. Sometimes, when I go back into the shop, I can smell the freshly cut wood. As a child, my grandpa was big into woodworking, so I love that smell. It brings me right back to watching him make wooden trains or other trinkets as I sat and looked on.

Thie is one of my favorite shots, which is a comprehensive photo of the CSD shop. The lathe is to the right, the moulding in the warehouse to the left. I just love the clock in the middle. I think it’s amazing to think that all of this great work is going on while the clock just kind of rests there, ticking by. It’s amazing what humans can create in the span of a lifetime.