The Art of Professional Framing

Texas Rangers baseball display case CSD Framing carrollton tx

I’ll admit it… I’m one of those people who collects a lot of different things, like paintings, mugs, books, and Pro Player phone numbers (ha! I wish!). The problem I have is that I’m a somewhat messy person. It’s never on purpose, but things just happen. What do I use my mugs for? Coffee… which, most likely, has destroyed hundreds of dollars of my things so far in my life, if I’m being honest, and if I’m being even more honest, red wine is gaining in traction.

So, when it comes to sports jerseys, autographs, posters, and diplomas, it’s a really good idea to think about professional framing and what that can really do for your valuables.


Let the frame prevent your clumsiness. I’m looking at my monkey painting, all set in its gorgeous silver and black framing right now, and nodding my head. I am so glad I still have you, monkey. If you’re like me, you want your valuables to look nice, and you’re willing to pay an extra buck or two, but only if it’s worth what you’re getting out of it.


Have you ever watched Antiques Road Show and an item that’s supposed to be worth 50k gets dropped down half the price because of a little tear or stain? Collectors be serious about their collections. With that said, a lot of people make the mistake of framing something themselves, rushing the process, or using the wrong materials. Instead of relying on professional framing to get the job done, they ruin their valuables.


Custom framing is all about being able to choose. You choose the frame (we offer wood frames too which is awesome), the cut, sizing, everything. But, another advantage is that you get to have experts mount and frame your piece—people who know what they’re doing.


Take this quote from  “There is more to framing than just wrapping a canvas with wood or metal. Framing is an art and as with any art it takes much learning and practice.” Professional framing is an investment. There is a reason galleries professionally frame their art. It’s because it’s the key to preservation. Nobody puts Mona Lisa in a corner! CSD Framing uses a perfect balance of price, customization, and quality materials. I would know, as I’ve scoured the internet looking at dozens of framing sites, some which offer what seems like a custom job, or what seems like a professionally done job… but really, it’s not.


I know what our guys do because I see it every day. As a matter of fact, our shop is just around the corner from my office. Each professional framer on our team has a different skill set and the framing and mounting of a piece is a production in of itself as a piece moves from one stage to the next. Try and find that at another framing store. Don’t worry, I’ll wait.