Oldie But Goodie: The Movie Poster

Can you remember your favorite scenes from movies? Well, a movie poster can bring someone back to the movie theater, the living room, wherever, and send those same chills down the spine or make you chuckle from the same joke your favorite actor recited in a scene. My all-time favorite movie is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I absolutely love both Kate Winslett (Clementine) and Jim Carrey’s character (Joel) in the movie– especially since they both play characters that are so outside of the ‘box’ that Hollywood typically puts them in. And, if I’m being honest, sometimes I consider the actual movie poster that’s released for the movie to be better than the flick itself. It helps that movies are, in of themselves, imaginative representations of our lives. In this post, I’ll be highlighting some of the movie posters we’ve framed in the past that feature my favorite movies. Here we go! ABout Schmidt Movie Poster CSD framing carrollton TX I think you’ve got to watch this movie more than once, and, so as to not get too depressed, I think it’s best to separate the time to months apart, if not years. The movie is a coming of age movie for.. well.. those of retired folks’ age. And yet, it’s still timeless, as it explores and draws out the boredom that can hit anybody at any time, mixed with the anxious feelings of regret and change. The movie poster and frame itself is pretty simple, which is perfect for the tone of the movie. Forrest Gump Movie Poster CSD Framing carrollton tx Anytime I’m feeling a bit down in the dumps, I pop in this movie (or, I guess nowadays, order it). The southern charm represented in this movie, mixed with the harsh realities of life (war, unrequited love, addiction) give this movie such a humanistic quality. Not to mention that the Winston Groom, the author of the book, has one of the sharpest wits when it comes to humor. You can feel every single major emotion while watching this movie, making it perfect for watching at any moment, any time. I love the cutout of Gump in this movie poster with his signature quizzical look. Old School movie poster csd framing Old School is a classic in its own right. It is funnier than most movies that carry this same plot of older bros trying to get back into the party game. Honestly, I think anybody above the age of 25 can watch and enjoy this movie, simply because it’s so ridiculous. constantine movie poster csd framing carrollton tx This movie poster manages to pull off depicting a movie that is complicated and What I consider a masterpiece. It’s full of an amazing cast, the story life in of itself is multilayered and complex, and some of the graphic/animation elements in the movie are sharp and insane enough to make you jump off your seat. 

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