Home Decor

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As I’ve gotten older, home decor has become a favorite pastime of mine. I think it’s human nature to want to be surrounded by the things you love. After all, Feng Shui (translated as wind-water, thanks Wikipedia) has been a part of Chinese culture for centuries. Another example? Think back to the first known “drawing” that man created outside of symbols– one of our early ancestors had drawn a grazing animal onto a cave wall. Recreating the beauty and love which is in the world is so important to us that it’s got its own name: Home Decor. What has value? It varies by person. However, there are certain staples that tend to leap over cultures and time. If you think about the camera, it’s a pretty amazing invention. Human beings yearned to recreate themselves and those they held dearly by evolving the concept. Mona Lisa had to sit for hours being painted. Nowadays, creating a photo takes merely seconds, and technology is getting more and more advanced as I sit here.

When I moved into my house, I was excited about using home decor to liven the space up a bit. But, even after I had set out my Native pottery and hung the curtains, something was missing. It was the walls: they were bare, and to be honest, it didn’t look very good.

Not only is home decor its own species–wall art has become a sub species in its own right. Why is wall art so popular as home decor? Well, an obvious answer is line of sight. Wall art tends to be more appealing when you can look straight onto whatever is adorning the walls, whether it be a movie poster, a painting or a decal. I think, also, it’s just human instinct to want to be surrounded by pretty things, all the time, in an aesthetically appealing way.

The great thing about aesthetics is that it’s something personal, yet, in the name of art and philosophy, there are basics to what a good aesthetic must (or must not) include.

With home decor, I tend to be easy to please. I like solid design with a unique twist. That’s why I like CSD. The actual frames at CSD do a lot of heavy lifting, in the fact that they are custom made and very high quality. Then, with what’s inside the frame, you get to get really, really creative. I’ve never heard anybody here say “sorry, we can’t frame that.” The best examples of this are a huge display case we made that held a pregnant woman’s molded cast of her belly. And then, of course, our framed guitars, which never cease to amaze me or anybody else who sees them. Coldplay Guitar