What is a shadow box?

Not everybody knows what a shadow box is. I was in that category.

So what is a shadow box? A shadow box is any raised, framed object. Additionally, it creates depth. Moreover, it’s cool to look at.

Discover What You Want First, how deep you want to make your shadow box? There are a few things to consider. Decide this first. In addition, think about how big the object is. You can’t fit a basketball in a small frame. Moreover, think about lighting. This will show how it will look on the wall. Are you going for a dramatic effect? The deeper the box, the more dramatic.


For example, framed jerseys are shadow boxes. They are technically raised. Think about the possibilities! CSD is known for framed jerseys. We make thousands a year. Ask us about our framed jersey package. They are very popular.  Additionally, order if you would like! For example, one shadow box we made features Muhammad Ali. He had his jaw broken once. The frame has a print of his x-ray. Here’s a picture of Ali. This is a photo of his younger days. Take a look at how young he was!  muhammad ali csd framing dallas tx In conclusion, what is a shadow box? It is any raised frame. There are a lot of different kinds of shadow boxes. Make one you love. Additionally, allow us to make your dream come true. Come to CSD Framing in Carrollton. Drop off your item or call us. Here is the CSD contact info and map. Lastly, pay only when you are satisfied.