Picture Frame Your World With a Custom Frame

Looking for the picture frame of your dreams? Why not create one from your imagination! CSD is a professional framing company.

The most important part of a picture frame is the material.

You want it to look good, be made of a strong material, and be affordable. Basically, you want it all, because why not? We frame collages and single photos. The sky is the limit. What color matting do you want? You get to choose two. We have both paper and suede matting. I think suede looks really good in either dark or light colors. It makes the texture of the fabric stand out. For the frame, most people choose brown (wood) or black (poly), but we even have gold, white, and metal! These days you can really choose just about any color you would like. Like I said, the sky’s the limit! Taking into account the look and feel you are going for, decide on a size. You don’t want the frame to overshadow the picture too much, but you don’t want the frame to disappear either since that means the picture mat doesn’t have a lot of room in the frame. Some popular sizing options are 8×10 and 16×20. Obviously, if you’re going to get your picture frame custom, it might be because you need a not-so-typical size for your frame. At a professional framing company like CSD Framing, that’s not a problem. We make our frames to order using the right materials and learned staff. marriage photo frame csd framing carrollton txwedding picture frame csd framing carrollton txfashion mag csd framing picture frame carrollton txbaby photo collage csd framing carrollton txbaby photo collage csd framing carrollton txobama hope photo csd framing carrollton tx