My favorite Mat Board Designs

I really want to get into the reasons why CSD Framing is different than other professional framers. Therefore, I sat back and thought… what makes CSD stand apart?

What’s that something? Mat Board designs. Properly planning and cutting out designs into mat board take skill.

First of all, there are some professional framers that do it by hand. Yes, that’s right. Razors are used to cut designs. The effect is sloppiness. CSD Framing uses a Wizard CMC. The initials are short for computerized mount cutter. Simple enough, right? Well, not so fast. The Wizard needs a design to cut.

That’s where our staff comes in. Making unique, classy, sharp designs isn’t easy. You have to know how to use the software. Moreover, you have to be able to visualize the final product. Mat Board Designs are cool to look at, but what people often don’t see is the precision and planning that goes into each design. Here are some examples of designs we have made. michael jackson collage csd framing mat board designs Who Doesn’t love Michael Jackson? This collage celebrates the musician’s life. It has many different photos of the singer through time. Check out the mat board design going on in this piece! Michael Jackson is shown in his popular stance. Additionally, the dates of his life are cut into the mat board. U2 guitar signed display case mat board designs csd framing Consider how much time went into this piece. The mat all the way at the back is gre.y Then it is layered with a patterned black cutout. In addition, the “U2” and “360” pieces also have to be specially crafted for this piece. Lastly, for a 3-d effect, suede mat board is again used, this time to hold photos of the band. I can tell by looking at this that it took some time and precise planning. miley cyrus mat board design csd framing Seems simple, but I think it’s genius that our team displayed the actual sheet music for a Miley Cyrus song. The grooves in the cuts make it seem like the sheet music is jumbled on a table, ready to be performed. taylor swift mat board designs I include this example because of brand uniformity. Notice how the cutout of Taylor Swift’s name matches her real signature. It gives the piece a genuine touch. There you have it. Hopefully I got your creative juices flowing! Here is a video of that Wizard CMC at work.