CSD Framing began in 1996 as “Cowboybilia,” introducing autographed trading cards to the industry. After our success custom-designing autographed memorabilia for the Cowboys and other professional sports teams in 2000, CSD expanded into what is now known as Home Game Auctions, running silent auctions for charities and, in 2001, adding professional sports franchises like the Dallas Stars to our list of clients.

CSD is not just sports oriented, however. Our company has created some of the most unique pieces in the custom framing industry, from adding a personal, professional touch to diplomas to creating shadowboxes for travel keepsakes. Our work includes jersey frames, diploma frames, photo collage frames, movie poster frames and so much more!

To ensure that every autographed item is authentic, CSD only buys from reputable companies such as Tristar Productions, Mill Creek Sports, Fanatics Authentic, Press Pass Collectibles, or we fulfill orders from all-star athletes and celebrities in person!

CSD Framing operates out of Farmers Branch, Texas, which is part of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. Call us at (972) 323-6345!


Sports charity auctions are popular ideas for silent auctions. Everybody loves sports! CSD has provided charity auction services for the Dallas/Fort Worth area for over a decade. Our clients include private schools, major businesses and non-profits. Sports charity auctions are exciting. They also provide great conversation.

CSD runs a program called Home Game Auctions in stadiums nationwide. These silent auctions are dependent on CSD partnership teams. Our teams represent the best from the NFL, NHL, MLS and NBA professional leagues. Each silent auction features authentic sports memorabilia. Most of our framed sports memorabilia pieces are autographed. They are fabulous collector’s items. Not to mention, they look great in the office or man cave.


Custom Frames

CSD only makes custom frames. They are produced by our professional framers in Farmers Branch, Texas. Custom frames allow flexibility in choosing framing, matting and design. You can make any size frame possible. CSD custom frames are made with the best materials available. We order supplies directly from renowned manufacturers in the business. Each custom frame is crafted to the customer’s needs and wants. Our professional framers strive to make a vision come alive.

A shadow box is a raised frame, creating depth and shadow. CSD is known for expertise in creating shadow boxes. A shadow box is a great way to frame baby photos, rattles and onesies. If you’re wanting a wedding shadow box, we can frame bouquets, wedding dresses, and even garters! Maybe you want to relive your vacation! A shadow box collage is a great way to display trinkets. If you’re a sports fan, perhaps you’re thinking more to the tune of helmets, balls and trophies. CSD has made shadow boxes of every size. We have even framed pregnancy casts and electric guitars! We can do it all. Preserve your memories and get a free shadow box quote today.

The poster frame is an iconic part of American culture. Who didn’t have one on the wall as a teenager? A poster frame doesn’t have to be boring. It can even pop more than the poster itself. Or, it can simply compliment the poster and bring out its best qualities. It is up to you. Whether you are looking to frame a movie or music poster, CSD has done it before. Size doesn’t matter. We can make your frame to whatever size you need.

Let’s say you are a professional photographer. Or, maybe you have a family photo you cannot live without. CSD creates custom picture frames out of high quality material. This means your photo will be able to last much longer. Chances are, you’re store bought frame is not of the same quality. This causes bleeding, fading, and tears. Each picture frame CSD makes has UV resistant Plexiglas. Each picture mat is acid-free. Our mouldings are solid and sturdy. Whether you are looking to frame just one photo or a collage of photos, CSD can help.

Perhaps CSD’s most popular service is professional jersey framing. We sew each jersey into place and track each jersey by a unique tracking number. We have framed jerseys from businesses, local customers and even professional athletes. CSD also offers professional jersey framing packages that are affordable and very high quality. Our jersey frames are sewn into place on acid-free matting.

We pride ourselves in the highest quality of work, creativity, and customer satisfaction. If you can think it, we have framed it– the best time, the last time, every time.