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Simple Eccentricity: Joseph Cornell

I was doing what I do on Pinterest the other day – pinning shadowboxes so that our customers and viewers in general can get some inspiration for themselves – when I came across a peculiar box. Immediately, I was intrigued by the artist: Joseph Cornell. His works of art were gloriously simplistic, a bit garish. They […]

Framing the Human Experience: Part Two

In the twelfth and thirteenth century, framing evolved from a method used simply to divine scenes by the Egyptians and Greeks into the artists carving out a hollow in the actual slab of wood, leaving a raised edge, or frame, behind. Then, the artists painted whatever image they chose on the flat portion of the […]

Nostalgia Defined

For thousands of years, human beings have attempted to recreate the world around them. Moreover, from cave drawings to Matisse Impressionist paintings, to photos and video, we have stridently tried to recreate our surroundings and what’s in them– it’s what I like to call nostalgia defined. First of all, what is it about our innate […]