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Why Shop With Us?

CSD Framing has been in the custom framing business for over 20 years. We like to think of ourselves as high end, quality frame makers. When you when custom frame your own memorabilia or purchase memorabilia from our shop, we want our customers to know that they are getting something one of a kind. Our […]

Cool Sports Shadow boxes

As the memorabilia industry continues to grow, demands need to be met. Framing sports jerseys seems like the go-to as far as sports collectibles goes. How far do these collectors really go? If some of these sports shadow boxes give you a clue, there’s really no defined limit. It’s not difficult to think just a […]

Finding the Value of Sports Memorabilia

“How do I find the value of a piece of memorabilia?” This is a question that appeared in my news feed on Quora (site for questions and answers), and here is my response: Oh dear, this is a loaded question. There’s an old saying that your memorabilia is only worth the amount someone is willing […]